Kelemen 2x12 cabinet

Our 2x12 cabinet has been design to get a huge sound from a semi closed back. They feature a large oval rear port tuned for front projection and great bass response. Our speakers are rear loaded. The unique grill assemblies encompass the use of built-in treble diffusers which block concentrated high end frequencies from blasting straight out of the front, thus creating not less high end but a superior balance of tone.

After auditioning many popular speakers, we chose to use the Eminence Cannabis Rex for its tight lows, smooth highs, and balanced & sonically pleasing mids. It ended up being a great match for our amps. Of course we can load the cabinets with your speaker of choice - call for special request pricing.

Speaker Cabinets


  1. Bullet Solid Baltic birch construction

  2. Bullet Black Taurus vinyl covering

  3. Bullet Metal corners

  4. Bullet Tuned oval ported semi-closed/open back design

  5. Bullet Speakers – (2)  8 Ohm 12” Eminence Cannabis Rex with hemp cones

  6. Bullet Cabinet impedance – wired parallel  - 4 ohms, or series @ 16 ohms

  7. Bullet Handling power rating – 100 watts

  8. Bullet Dimensions – 20.5” x 27.5” x 14.0”

  9. Bullet Weight – 48 lbs

List Price:     $575