There are two models in the Retro retro series. The Retro-8 is pictured above.

These amps are built the “old school” way...steel chassis, solid pine cabinets, covered in tweed cloth, and simple controls. They produce a wonderful vintage tone that will surpass your expectations. These combo amplifiers will be hand built (of course) and priced for the working musician.

  1. Bullet Retro 8 - Our ten inch Retro 8 model, is loud enough to punch thru the mix in smaller clubs, and has a creamy cathode biased vintage tone. It is as simple as it gets with one knob - Volume, and the tone is pure class A singled ended tone as it gets!

  2. Bullet Will accommodate a 6L6 & 6V6 power tube

  3. Bullet 10 “ Eminence Ramrod or Ragin Cajun

  4. Bullet  List Price:     $999

  1. Bullet Retro 20 - Our Retro 20 is a great twelve inch speaker combo, that’ll knock your socks off....It produces around 20 watts and is plenty amp for most stages. Check out our video web page featuring Tiger Gagan playing a Retro 20 at the Nashville Amp Expo!

  2. Bullet 6L6 power tubes

  3. Bullet (2) volumes - one for each individually voiced inputs

  4. Bullet (1) overall tone control

  5. Bullet 12 “ WGS Retro 30 speaker

  6. Bullet  List Price:     $1,799

  1. BulletI am currently building these on request, so give me a call and I’ll put you on my build schedule.

Kelemen Retro Series

Hand Built point-to-point all tube guitar amplification