The Kelemen KR-35 is a versatile single channel amp that can deliver incredibly rich tones through out a broad gain spectrum. This is the amp that was conceived and tested in the real world club scene. We have had guitarists from all genres & with “you name it” guitar types play thru this amp with awesome results. This was the hands down “keeper” of tone.

The amplifier has a three stage preamp plus a phase inverter that is voiced to really drive the class A/B fixed bias push/pull tube power section. The output tubes can be swapped out with most any 8 pin bottles to achieve a variety of different wattage output levels. Individual twenty-turn bias adjustments are available on the back panel to fine tune & balance the power tubes with a simple volt meter, so tube swapping & balancing is a breeze.



  1. Bullet Volume – Controls the preamp volume/gain structure from clean to harmonically rich saturation. This control has a nice long clean sweep to about ½ way (12 o’clock), a dirty sweep zone between 12 o’clock & 2 o’clock, and a complex distortion range thereafter.

  1. Bullet Treble – Controls treble & the bite of the tone.

  1. Bullet Middle – Controls the mid range of the tone and adds a nice crunch when the preamp is overdriven.

  1. Bullet Bass – Controls the low end/bass of the tonal spectrum. The Kelemen KR-35 was voiced not to get flabby but incredibly thick when this control is pushed.

  1. Bullet Master – Controls the overall volume of the preamplifier before entering the power tube stage.


  1. Bullet 120VAC  - Power input

  1. Bullet Fuse – 2 Amp Slo Blo

  1. BulletBias – L

  2. BulletTrim – 20 turn fine bias adjustment for the left power tube

  3. Bullet (+) – positive test jack for left power tube bias adjustment

  1. Bullet (-) – Negative/ground test jack for bias adjustment

  1. BulletBias  – R

  2. BulletTrim – 20 turn fine bias adjustment for the right power tube

  3. Bullet (+) – positive test jack for right power tube bias adjustment

  1. Bullet Speaker output

  1. BulletImpedance switch – Select 2, 4, 8, & 16 ohms


  1. Bullet Preamp - (3) 12AX7 – premium selected from RubyTubes, Tube Amp Doctor, GrooveTubes, JJ, Sovtek, and Electro Harmonix, depending on availability & sonic qualities.

  1. Bullet Power – stock tubes are JJ EL34 or JJ 6L6

Dimensions & Weight:

  1. Bullet Dimensions - 17.5" width, 9.0" height, 9.5" deep

  2. Bullet Weight - 20 lbs

List Price:     $1,999


Hand Built point-to-point all tube guitar amplification